2021: XXIII

Spigolature onomastiche dannunziane (dalle lettere)

Patrizia Paradisi
Liceo Classico «L. A. Muratori» di Modena

Pubblicato 2022-01-25

Parole chiave

  • names and surnames for d’Annunzio’s friends,
  • d’Annunzio’s Franciscanism,
  • d’Annunzio’s sons’ names,
  • Adolfo de Karolis’ daughters’ names


The paper analyzes the nicknames, or terms of endearment, created by Gabriele d’Annunzio in letters to friends and collaborators, painters and engravers
especially in the years of the Vittoriale, through which the poet created particular intellectual and artistic relationships with them (for example, Benigno Palmerio, Gian Carlo Maroni, Guido Cadorin, Napoleone Martinuzzi, Pietro Chiesa, Renato Brozzi, Adolfo de Karolis and his daughters). Some of these nicknames are an expression of the ‘Franciscanism’ which d’Annunzio delighted in as an author.