2020: XXII

Poesia della privacy. Nomi, cognomi e dati nella poesia del post-umano

Samuele Fioravanti
Università Hankuk, Seul

Pubblicato 2021-12-03

Parole chiave

  • contemporary poetry,
  • privacy,
  • post-human,
  • facial recognition


Names and surnames registered by users on different online accounts not only allow data curation and profile marketing operations, but also enable algorithms to practice facial recognition through photographs tagged on social media. This paper examines metaphors used in contemporary poetry to question the violations of privacy, favored by the dissemination online of names and personal data. The analysis focuses on the spread of the digital infosphere vocabulary in contemporary Italian poetry and describes how it helps to transform names in virtual gateways to data raking and tracking from a post-human perspective.