2021: XXIII

Codici onomastici della letteratura industriale: l’understatement bigarettiano

Elena Papa
University of Turin

Pubblicato 2022-01-25

Parole chiave

  • Libero Bigaretti,
  • Adriano Olivetti,
  • industrial literature,
  • onomastics,
  • names function


In the context of industrial literature, Bigiaretti made a special contribution by exploring the conditioning exerted on professional and human relationships by corporate mechanisms. Events and characters derive from the author´s experience in Olivetti in Ivrea, but give rise to a new and broader reflection on the role of the industry in society. The names of characters and places undergo a screening process with the aim of overcoming the identification of a given production context. Proper names are deliberately anti-rhetorical, but at the same time never trivialized, and express a typification of reality, creating a sort of internal linguistic code that gives the text an additional level of meaning and interpretation.