2023: XXV

Antroponimi nell’ars dictaminis e nella poesia latina di età sveva: giochi, sequenze e interpretatio nominis

Pietro Colletta
Università di Enna "Kore"

Pubblicato 2023-10-05

Parole chiave

  • anthroponyms,
  • ars dictaminis,
  • medieval Latin poetry,
  • Frederick II Hohenstaufen,
  • interpretatio nominis,
  • onomastic catalogue
  • ...Più


This contribution focuses on the usage of anthroponyms in poetic texts, epistles, and models of dictamen from the XIII and XIV centuries, specifically concerning Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen, his relatives, and the kingdom of Sicily. It is worth noting that both the poetic texts and prose dictamina feature sequences of anthroponyms, along with etymological explanations, puns, and clever wordplay, serving either an encomiastic or polemical purpose.